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Homepage Diabeetilise angiopaatia infusiooniravi

Diabeetilise angiopaatia infusiooniravi

Angiopatia é o termo genérico para uma doença dos vasos sangüíneos (artérias, veias e vasos capilares).A mais conhecida e a maioria das angiopatias é a angiopatia diabética, uma complicação que pode acontecer na diabete crônica.

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Diabetic angiopathy is a form of angiopathy associated with diabetic complications.While not exclusive, the two most common forms are diabetic retinopathy and diabetic nephropathy, whose pathophysiologies are largely identical.

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diabetic microangiopathy Microvascular disease Any clinical or pathological changes resulting from small vessel disease in PTs with DM Measurement Capillary HTN can be measured directly by microcannulation of nailfold capillaries with a glass micropipette Prognosis Progression can be slowed by tight control of serum glucose levels, especially with long-term intense insulin therapy.
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