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Where Everybody Knows Your Name One of the things I like the most about Bean Coffee Roasters is that it feels like it s OUR coffee shop…like it belongs to our local community.

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Bean Vegan Cuisine. And for dessert, try our new Brownie A La Mode. A chocolate chip pecan brownie with vanilla soft serve. Dairy free and vegan. It’s good y’all.

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The BEAN has a built-in low-battery warning signal, which is a special feature that alerts the user when a battery is at the end of its life. It first sounds like a motorboat motor idling and becomes faster and louder. The performance of The BEAN does not change or decline when the warning sound is present.
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Dear Bean, I m sorry you re being deported. I loved every day of our 5 years @kroq (especially the day you got stuck in the rear window of a pickup truck). Thank you for your kindness, support great times.
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I just do not drink joe. Bean offers delicious treats and food. You can even grab vintage clothing off a rack from employees! The space has plenty of natural lighting and tall ceilings for breath. You will sell local artist and occasional galleries, too! Bean is a coffee shop that a good deal of folks in the East End should visit.
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The Bean is one of the best ways to capture Chicago’s beautiful skyline while still being in the photo. Designed by the London-based artist, Anish Kapoor, his work was selected out of two proposals that were submitted in 1999 for a ‘showpiece’ sculpture that would sit in Millennium.
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The Bean Cafe s breakfast and lunch menu. The Bainbridge | .99 Italian bread, Provalone, roasted turkey, ranch dressing, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion.

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